March 15, 1912: Cherry-Garrard back at Hut Point. No sign of Scott.

–from his account, “The Worst Journey in the World”–

“From Safety Camp the mirage at the edge of the Barrier was alarming, but as we approached the edge to my very great relief I found that the sea-ice was still in, and that what we had taken for frost smoke was only drift over Cape Armitage.

“Pushing into the drift around the corner I found Atkinson on the sea-ice, and Keohane in the hut behind.  In a few minutes we had the gist of one another’s news.  The ship had made attempt after attempt to reach Campbell and his five men, but they had not been taken off from Evans Coves when she finally left McMurdo Sound on 4 March; she would make another effort on her way to New Zealand.  [Lieutenant “Teddy”] Evans was better and was being taken home.  Meahwhile there were four of us at Hut Point and we could not communicate with our companions at Cape Evans until the Sound froze over, for the open sea was washing at the feet of Vince’s Cross.”

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