March 19, 1912: Scott–“We have two days’ food but barely a day’s fuel.”

“Monday, March 19.  Lunch.  We camped with difficulty last night, and were dreadfully cold till after our supper of cold pemmican and biscuit and half a pannikin of cocoa cooked over the spirit.  Then, contrary to expectation, we got warm and all slept well.  To-day we started in the usual dragging manner.  Sledge dreadully heavy.  We are 15-1/2 miles from the depot, and ought to get there in three days.  What progress!  We have two days’ food but barely a day’s fuel.  All our feet are getting bad–Wilson’s best, my right foot worst, left all right.

“There is no chance to nurse one’s feet till we can get hot food into us.  Amputation is the least I can hope for now, but will the trouble spread?  That is a serious question.  The weather doesn’t give us a chance–wind for N. to N.W. and -40 temp. today.”

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