March 21, 1912: The Northern Party has an unexpected feed

–from Raymond Priestley’s account “Antarctic Adventure” (pg. 240)–

“On the 21st the wind had blown itself clear, and although the breeze was still strong, it was possible to work outside.  We were, therefore, divided into two working parties, and, while Campbell led a party over to the moraine for more gear, I took charge of the cave party and we finished the excavation of the interior.  While the party were out Browning had a great slice of luck.

“He found a seal which had just come up on the icefoot, and, according to orders, he threw down his load and killed it at once.  Inside it he found thirty-six fish, which were not too far digested to be still eatable, and we had three each fried for dinner that night and three each for breakfast the next morning.  Two of the fish were in the throat of the seal and were not yet dead when taken out  It was a red-letter day for us, and the discovery threw a glow of cheerfulness on the party.”


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