March 23, 1912: Wild’s men battle heavy weather in Queen Mary Land

–from Frank Wild’s diary, published in “Frank Wild” by Leif Mills–

“23 March.  Blowing hard at turnout time with heavy drift, so did not get up for breakfast until 8.30.  Dovers is cook this week in my tent and he got badly filled up with snow bringing in the cooker, biscuits, etc.  The wind increased to a very heavy gale during the day and all the loose snow which fell yesterday was shifted.  About 5 pm the snow was partially blown away from the ground cloth and the tent came in a good deal, so I got into the burberrys and went out.

“I found it useless to shovel snow on, as the wind was so strong it was blown off immediately, I therefore dragged the food bags off the sledge and dumped them on.  The wind and drift were so strong that I several times had to get into the lee of the tent to get my breath and clear the mask of snow off my face.  It was impossible to see more than a few feet.  We are rather crowded inside through the tent bulging in so much and having cooker and food bag inside.”


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