March 24, 1912: The blizzard hits Cape Evans

–from Frank Debenham’s account, published as “The Quiet Land”–

“24.3.12.  From the 19th-22nd March we had the worst blizzs we have yet had down here for wind velocity.  It went up to something over 80 mph but it kept above 60 for many hours on end.  It blew things about badly and rocked the old hut considerably. . . .It was a real fizzer!  The ice had formed fairly thickly in South Bay, between us and the Glacier Tongue, but in the last little lot it all blew out and now has to start again, which it is doing in earnest.

“We have seen no signals from Hut Pt tho’ we have kept a zealous lookout.  But only once in every few days it is clear between here and there.  I think the Pole party must be there by now and probably are anxiously awaiting the ice to form permanently.”

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