March 25, 1912: Cherry Garrard at Hut Point, waiting for Scott to return

–from his book “The Worst Journey in the World”–

“March 25.  The wind came away yesterday evening, first S.W. and then S.E. but not bad, though very thick.  It was a surprise to see the Western Mountains this morning, and I believe it has been a good day on the Barrier, though it is still blowing with low drift this morning.  We are now on the days when I expect the Polar Party in; pray God I may be right.

“Atkinson and I look at one another, and he looks, and I feel, quite haggard with anxiety.  He says he does not think they have scurvy.  We both, I think, feel quite comfortable, in comparison, about Campbell:  he only wants to exercise care, and his great care was almost a byword on the ship.  They are fresh and they have plenty of seal.  He discussed with Pennell [captain of the Terra Nova] both the possibility of shipwreck and that of the ship being unable to get to him, and for this reason landed an extra month’s rations as a depot.”

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