March 30, 1912: Slow going in Queen Mary Land

–from Frank Wild’s diary, published in “Frank Wild ” by Lief Mills–

“30 March.  1 mile 450 yards plus 1 mile 590 yards.  Turned out and broke camp this morning, dull and overcast with a lot of low drift flying, fresh breeze.  Started at 10 am with two sledges but after going about a dozen yards singled up [relayed].  We made for a ridge true north of the depot and struggled on until 12.30 by which time we had got both sledges exactly 900 yards.   We were sinking an average two feet in the snow and occasionally over three. . .When we camped at night we had done one mile 450 yards.  1075 yards being relay, one of the hardest days I ever had.”

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