April 1, 1912: The aid party returns to Cape Evans, empty-handed

–from Cherry-Garrard’s account “The Worst Journey in the World”–

“They arrived back on 1 April  Yesterday evening at 6.30 p.m. Atkinson and Keohane arrived.  It was pretty thick here and blowing too, but they had had a fair day on the Barrier.  They had been out to Corner Camp and eight miles farther.  Their bags were bad, there clothes were very bad after six days:  they must have had minus forties constantly.  It is a moral certainty that to go farther south would serve no purpose, and for two men would be a useless risk.

“They did quite right to come back.  They are much in want of sleep, poor devils, and I do hope Atkinson will allow himself to rest:  he looks as though he might knock up.  Keohane did very well, and is very fit.  They came in over fifteen miles yesterday, and have brought in the sledge of the Second Return Party. . . .’

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