April 2, 1912: Cold inside Mawson’s hut at Commonwealth Bay

–from his account “The Home of the Blizzard”–

“A temperature taken within the hut varied according to the relative position in reference to the walls and stove.  That shown by the thermometer attached to the standard barometer, which was suspended near the centre of the room, was taken as the “hut temperature.”  Near the floor and walls it was lower, and higher, of course, near the stove.  On one occasion, in the early days, I remember the “hut temperature” being 19 degrees F., notwithstanding the heat from the large range.  Under these conditions the writing-ink and various solutions froze, and, when the night-watchman woke up the shivering community he had many clamorous demands to satisfy.

“We arranged to maintain an inside temperature of 40 degrees F,, when it rose to 50 F. means were taken to reduce it.”


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