April 3, 1912: Crean, Gran and Archer on a wild ride at Cape Evans

–from Tryggve Gran’s diary, published as “The Norwegian with Scott”–

“3 April.  The weather was fine today, and I therefore decided to give the dogs a good work-out.  Crean and Archer accompanied me–a real joy ride.  The surface was perfect, and off we went at top speed.  Up in The Gap [behind the hut], Crean fell off, shortly to be followed by Archer, whereupon the sledge capsized.  I grabbed on to the chassis as best I could, and down we went towards South Bay.  It was a miracle that I managed to get the sledge back on its runners, but my brake-iron had disappeared and the dogs just carried me away.

“We rushed towards the precipice leading to the sea ice, and at the last moment I chucked myself off to save myself.  The sledge went over and with it the first two dogs, but the others had the sense to stop and the situation was saved.  [It was a long time before Crean and Archer would accompany me on such a trip again.–TG]”


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