Early April 1912: Life in Mawson’s hut at Cape Denison

–from Douglas Mawson’s  account “the Home of the Blizzard”–

“Noise was a necessary evil, and it commenced at 7.30 a.m., with the subdued melodies of the grampophone, mingled with the stirring of the porridge-pot and the clang of plates deposited none too gently on the table.  At 7.50 a.m. came the stentorian:  ‘Rise and shine!’ of the night-watchman, and a curious assortment of cat-calls, beating on pots and pans and fragmentary chaff.  At the background, so to speak of all these sounds was the swishing rush of the wind and the creaking strain of the roof, but these had become neglected.  In fact, if there were a calm, everyone was restless and uneasy.”

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