April 12, 1912: Getting ready to bring relief to Cherry at Hut Point

–from Cherry-Garrard’s account “The Worst Journey in the World”–

“The next few days were occupied in making preparations for a further sledge journey, and on 13 April a party started to return to [to Cherry, just then alone at] Hut Point by the Hutton Cliffs.  Atkinson, Wright, Keohane, and Williamson were to try and sledge up the western coast to help Campbell; Gran and Dimitri were to stay with me at Hut Point.  The surface of the sea-ice was extremely slushy and bad for pulling; the ice had begun to extrude its salt.  A blizzard started in their faces, and they ran for shelter to the lee of Little Razorback Island.  The weather clearing they pushed on to the Glacier Tongue, and camped there for the night somewhat frost-bitten.  Some difficulty was experience the next morning in climbing the ice-cliff on the Peninsula, but Atkinson, using his knife as a purchase, and the sledge held at arms’-length by four men as a ladder, succeeded eventually in getting a foothold.

“Meanwhile I was left alone at Hut Point, where blizzards raged periodically with the usual creakings and groanings of the old hut.”

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