April 13, 1912: Cherry-Garrard alone at Hut Point

–from his account “The Worst Journey in the World”–

“Some of those days I remained alone at Hut Point I was too weak to do more than crawl on my hands and kneees about the hut.  I had to get blubber from the door to feed the fire, and chop up seal-meat to eat, to cook,m and to tend the dogs, some of whom were loose, while most of them were tied in the verandah, or between the hut door and Vince’s Cross.  The hut was bitterly cold with only one man in it. . . .The dogs realise that they could take liberties which they would not have dared to do in different circumstances.  They whined and growled, and squabbled amonst themselves, all the time, day and night.”

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