April 17, 1912: Filchner’s expedition settles in for the winter

–from Wilhelm Filchner’s article “The German Antarctic Expedition” in the Bulletin of the American Geographical Society Vol 45, No. 6, 1913–

“By April 17 we were held fast in the midst of old floes in 72.24 S. and 40.12 W.  We had resigned ourselves to drifting, a condition we had tried to avoid, and we now devoted our attention to scientific work.

“A hole was kept open in the ice near the ship to observe the growth of the ice and similar phenomena.  Over a second hole a tripod was erected where sounding were made, temperatures observed at various depths, samples of water procured, and current measurements taken and specimens of fauna procured with the plankton net.  The meteorological station was established on the ice and ground thermometers set up in it. . . . A storage house was built for the ice and captive balloons.”

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