April 19, 1912: Dr. Atkinson’s attempted relief of the Northern Party, continued. . . .

–from Cherry-Garrard’s account, “The Worst Journey in the World”–

[Atkinson, Keohane, Wright and Williamson had started over toward the western shore of McMurdo Sound April 17]  “They had hard pulling their first two days, and the minimum temperature for the corresponding nights was -43 and -45.  Consequently they soon began to be iced up.  On the other hand they found old sea-ice and made good some 25 miles, camping on the evening of the 18th about four miles from the Eskers.  Next morning they had to venture upon the newly frozen ice, and a blizzard wind was blowing. . . .On the following morning they reached the Butter Point Depot, which they found with difficulty, for there was no flag standing.

“Even as they struck their camp they saw the ice to the north of them breaking up and going out to sea.  There was nothing to do but turn back, for neither could they go north to Campbell nor could Campbell come south to reach them. . . . They made up the Butter Point Depot, marked it as well as they could in case Campbell should arrive there, and left two weeks’ provisions for him.  They could do no more.”

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