April 21, 1912: “Bloody Sunday” at Hut Point

–from Tryggve Gran’s diary, “The Norwegian with Scott”–

[Gran, Cherry Garrard, and Demetri remained at Hut Point while Atkinson’s rescue party has gone to the relief of the stranded Northern Party]

“We have been a bit short of seal recently, but today was truly a ‘Bloody Sunday.’  Six whole seals have fallen to my knife.  Demetri and I killed two before lunch, and Cherry and I four, soon after.  We now have seven seals out of the ice, and our stock of blubber should therefore last till the middle of May.

“There have been some marvellous light effects today.  Some long, pink clouds hung over [Minna] Bluff and Demetri compared them to ladies’ silk stockings.  The weather looked pretty threatening this afternoon.  Above Cape Evans there was an extraordinary reflection, bluish green and ghostly in tint.  The sun has not appeared, but we have seen blood-red streaks in the northern sky.”


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