Sundays in April 1912: Music to make Inexpressible Island a little better

–from Raymond Priestley’s account, “Antarctic Adventure”–

“On Sundays also Campbell read a chapter from a pocket edition of the New Testament we had with us, and afterwards we sang what hymns we could remember.

“Taking all things into consideration, the Sunday concerts were a great success.  The only man with a voice in the party was Abbott, and he was not blessed with a good memory.  Dickason and Browning had once been in a choir, and still remembered bits of the Te Deum and some fragments of hymns, and I also knew a few of the latter.  Between us we managed to patch up about a dozen hymns, whihc sounded something like they were meant to by their authors.  Where we could not think of a sentence we made it up, and I was surprised when I reutrned to find that, while we had frequently only been singing two or three verses when four or five had been written, in one case at least we had made up one more verse than actually existed. . . .the thing which went farthest towards making our evenings pass pleasantly was the ability to make a ‘cheerful noise.’”


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