April 28, 1912 continued: “As to what may have happened. . . .”

–from Frank Debenham’s diary published as “The Quiet Land”–

“As to what may have happened.  Atch [Dr. Atkinson] and Charles [Wright] who both know the Beardmore, think the whole party has gone down a crevasse.  I, with less knowledge, but the delay down to bad health, in fact to the dreaded scurvy which showed in Teddy and perhaps in Demetri, so that it must be in our blood, so to speak.  Lashly is of the same opinion.  I can’t get over the fact that Birdie was not thoroughly fit when they left them and supposing he had failed as Teddy did and failed while on the Plateau [this was not the case], I think their chances of getting him and themselves home very small . . .

“But I sincerely hope that it was a crevasse, for one cannot imagine anything more awful than losing a fight with hunger or scurvy on the ghastly Barrier.  The Owner, Bill and Taff Evans were married men.  I shall write more about that splendid five but not now.”

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