May 1 1912: Mayday at Cape Evans: “We who are still alive. . . .”

–from Tryggve Gran’s account, “The Norwegian with Scott”–

1 May.  It’s May again, and spring and sunshine back home.  Out here the storm is howling, and the hut is in a whirlwind of drift-snow.  Tonight we are all assembled again;  that is we who are still alive, for the five who are out on the Barrier can, alas, no longer be counted among the living.  The dog-team party [Atkinson, Cherry-Garrard, and Demetri] came in tonight after a heavy haul over the sea ice.  It was hard on the dogs.  Little ‘Noogis’ had to be abandoned on this side of the Glacier Tongue, when he could no longer keep up.  It’s an open question whether we haven’t lost him for good.  One animal ran ahead of the party.  ‘Rabchick’ escaped from Hut Point last night and was found by me this morning, having spent the whole night out in the lovely moonshine.  I have taken stock of all our clothing today; we have a good supply, except for underpants.”


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