May 2, 1912: High Wind at Hut Point

–from Frank Debenham’s account “The Quiet Land”–

3.5.12.  On watch last night and had an exciting time as the wind increased till it reached and passed all previous records.  Several gusts of 89 mph about 3 a.m. finally ended in a furious one which swept pebbles off the ridge 100 yards back oll over the hut.  It made such a noise that it woke everyone up and most though the chimney had gone.  I went to see what the force had been but unfortunately the head of the anemometer pipe was choked with snow and gravel and it was not regestering.  So I dressed in full armour to go and clear it.  The first thing I met with when I got outside was a sledge hurrying towards the ice-foot and it wanted me to go with it.  I lay down and refused!  The air was thick with fine drift and gravel and I fairly had to crawl round the hut.”

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