May 7, 1912: “A beautiful calm day for a change. . . .”

–from Frank Debenham’s account “The Quiet Land”–

7.5.12  A beautiful calm day for a change.  At noon today there was a glorious sunrise–or sunset.  Which does one say when the sun never appears?  The low stratus clouds to the north were a deep crimson against the dead white of the surface of the Barne Glacier and the shiny surface of the young ice, the effect was very grand.

“All is very happy in the hut but I think if people had their choice over again of staying down or not the answer would be unanimous.  One thing is very marked–a universal dread of the Barrier.  When such ‘hard nuts’ as Crean and Lashly say they would give anything not to travel on the Barrier again it shows it has a pretty bad effect. However we are all in for it next year.”

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