May 11, 1912: Mules at Cape Evans

–from Tryggve Gran’s diary published as “The Norwegian with Scott”

[All of Scott’s ponies had died during the 1912 push for the South Pole.  The Terra Nova on her relief voyage had brought down to Cape Evans some trained Indian mules to replace them as draft animals for the sledging activites in the spring and summer of 1912-1913.]

11 May.  ‘Lall’ and I went out this morning.  She was a bit wild, her lead rein broke, and off she went.  But she seemed to regret it, and came back and put her head on my shoulder.  It was so touching that I couldn’t resist giving her a hug.  [Suddenly the beast grabed my cap and wind hat in her teeth, and dashed off toward the hut before I realized what was happening.  There was nothing for it but to hurry after her and, when I got to Cape Evans, I found a triumphant ‘Lall-Kahn’ in her stall.*]”

* Gran’s reminiscence in later years

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