May 25, 1912: Wild’s hut in Queen Mary Land, after the blizzard

–from Frank Wild’s account published in “The Home of the Blizzard“–

“A howling blizzard immured us for three days from May 22; the wind at times of terrific force, approaching one hundred miles per hour. . . . The drift was then so thick that six feet was as far as one could see. . . .

“On the 25th we were able to make an inventory of a whole series of damages effected outside.  The dogs’ shelter had been entirely carried away, a short mast which had ben erected some weks previously as a holdfast for sledges was snapped off short and the sledges buried, and, worst of all, Kennedy’s igloo had parted with its roof, the interior being filled with snow, underneath which the instruments were buried.

“The dogs were, however, all quite well and lively.”


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