June 1, 1912: Cape Evans to Hut Point and back

–from Appsley Cherry-Garrard’s account “The Worst Journey in the World”–

“On 1 June Dimitri and Hooper went with a team of nine dogs to and from Hut Point, to see if they could find Noogis, the dog which had left us on our return on 1 May.  There was plenty of food for him to pick up there.  No trace of him could be found.  The party reported a bad running surface, no pressure in the ice, as was the case in the former year, but a large open working crack running from Great Razorback to Tent Island.  There were big snowdrifts at Hut Point, as indeed was already the case at Cape Evans.  During the first days of June we got down into the minus thirties, and our spirits rose as the thermomener dropper:  we wanted permanent sea-ice.”

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