June 22 1912: Midwinter’s Day has arrived at Cape Evans

–from Dr. Edward Atkinson’s account of the second, published in “Scott’s Last Expedition“–

“Cherry-Garrard, our editor, presented us with another number of the ‘South Polar Times’  and the remainder of the afternoon was spent as a holiday reading this, playing bagatelle, or making preparations for a happy evening.  the whole hut was decorated with the Christmas tree [made by Gran and Williamson], sledging flags, and some red bunting.  A large white ensign was hung over all as a canopy.  Nelson presented each member with a very pretty menu card.  These were cut out of cardboard and painted to represent Adelie penguins..

“After dinner, when various healths had been drunk, Gran jumped out of the dark room dressed as a clown, with his face powdered and painted.  His acting was splendid. . . . Then Debenham put up his lantern and gave us a lot of pictures. . . .He had taken a lot of time and trouble over those slides and they were excellent. . . .The evening closed by a sing-song.”


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