July 5-6. 1912: Wild’s Base in Queen Mary Land

–from Frank Wild’s account published in “The Home of the Blizzard”–

“On the 5th and 6th of July the wind blew a terrific hurricane and, had we not known that nothing short of an earthquake could move the hut, we should have been very uneasy.

“At this time all were busy making food-bags, opening and breaking up pemmican and emergency ration, grinding biscuits, attending to personal gear and doing odd jobs many and various.

“In addition to recreations like chess, cards and dominoes, a competition was started for each member to write a poem and short article, humorous or otherwise, connected with the Expedition.  These were all read by the authors after dinner one evening and caused considerable amusement.  One man even preferred to sing his poem.  These literary efforts were incorporated in a small publication known as ‘The Glacier Tongue.”


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