July 1912: Antarctic sledge dogs at Cape Evans

–from Frank Debenham’s diary, published as “The Quiet Land”–

“In July a dog with paralysis had bo be killed but a much more serious loss last week occurred in the best leader, Nugis, being reported missing.  As it was during a blizz which blew out some bay ice it is possible that he was on it at the time.  That dog was easily the best leader and Demetri [the expedition’s Russian dog-driver] is quite lost without him.  A leader is specialy trained and tho’ we have four leaders left, only one of them is really clever enough to keep a straight line on the Barrier and he was too weak to be used last year.

“He is Glenny Nos (long-nose).  Stareek is wise but oldish and broke up on the Barrier last yeare.  Osman, a very strong dog, is also a leader but a very bad one with a tendence to bearing continually to the left.  Rabchik is passable and Atch will have him as leader.  Demetri will now probably make Glenny Nos into a splendid leader or else try and train another in the spring.”

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