August 1912: “We all get along splendidly together. . . .” [Cape Evans]

–from Frank Debenham’s diary, published as “The Quiet Land”–

“We all bert along splendedly together and any little feelings there may be are kept well out of sight; and there is, as can be imagined, plenty of opportunity for disagreements in this sort of life.  Arguments are always on the go and at times Whittaker and dictionaries are fairly hurled about, but always good humouredly.

“Having decided that last year’s routine should be carried out as far as possible, night watch, pony routine etc. are the same.

“We have even attempted to get out a volume of the South Polar Times which without Bill [Wilson] is almost impossible, as his sketches are the best thing in it.  But Cherry and I, as the only ones who make any pretense at painting, put our heads together and managed to illustrate a few articles.

“Just now the colours in the northern sky (when we do see it) are just florious.  Crimsons and yellows and greens, unbelievably gorgeous, and they are doubly so in my paintings!”

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