August 18, 1912: Sunlight on the smoke plume from Erebus

–from Tryggve Gran’s diary, published as “The Norwegian with Scott”–

“18 August.  Last Monday [12 August] for the first time, the smoke plume from Erebus was properly lit by sunshine.  It was really quite a solemn moment.  On Tuesday we expected the sun to reach the summit, but at midday there was a thick snow-fall and we could scarcely see more than 100 yards.  Today the bad weather has persisted first as a thick windless snow-fall, and finally as a blizzard, which completely buried the hut.  To be outdoors was virtually impossible, and you came in to be met by a pack of frightened dogs–scared, that is, by a wind with enough force to blow you off your feet, if you weren’t careful. . . .”

“. . . .Theoretically the sun should be over the horizon tomorrow, but for practical purposes we can’t expect it until the 21st because Cape Barne [to the north] is in the way.”

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