Early September 1912: Training the mules for the Search Journey

–from Apsley Cherry-Garrard’s account “The Worst Journey in the World”–

“Meanwhile the mules were being brought on in condition.  With daylight and improved weather they were exercised with loaded sledges on the sea-ice whilc still remained in South Bay.  They went like lambs, and were evidently used to the work.  Gulab was a troublesome little animal: he had no objection to pulling a sledge, but was just ultra-timid.  Again and again he was got into position for having his traces hitched on, and each time some little thing, the flapping of a mitt, the touch of the trace, or the feel of the bow of the sledge, frightened him and he was off, and the same performance had to be repeated.  Once harnessed he was very good. . . .The mules themselves looked very fit and strong; our only doubt was whether their small hooofs would sink into the soft snow even farther than the ponies had done.”

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