September 14, 1912: “Tomorrow if it is fine, a party goes to Hut Pt.. . .”

–from Frank Debenham’s account of Scott’s last expedition The Quiet Land

“Had a  long day with the dogs yesterday and we had many differences.  With help I have made a new dog sledge of my own which unfortunately is a little top heavy, so that I had 5 capsizes and in one of them the dogs got clear away with the sledge and made for home much faster than I could go.  Stareek as usual was rebellious and I have a whip now which has to be used but it doesn’t seem to have much effect.  All the other dogs are working quite well, and they only need a good leader to be a very useful team.

Tomorrow if it is fine, a party goes to Hut Pt. to clear the Hut out and get things ready.  Two dog teams will take them ans as they are very fresh they ought to make a quick passage. . . .We are having a pukka blizz now, the first bad one for nearly a fortnight so we can’t complain.”

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