September 22, 1912: The mules adapt at Cape Evans

–from Tryggve Gran’s account “The Norwegian with Scott”–

“22 September.  Our ‘Indian friends,’ [the mules brought down by the Terra Nova to Cape Evans for the second season’s transport] must have had good training in their native mountains.  They take quite naturally to sledge work and even theri snowshoes don’t disturb them.  Last year’s ponies were quite different.

“A whole flock of emporer penguins is swarming about Cape Evans.  It is almost impossible to keep the dogs under control and even ‘Lall’ went wild at the sight of these weird creatures.  We are now all trying to dig the hut out of the enormous snow-drift. [On September 18 to 22 a party went (to Hut Point) with dog teams, taking down a load of stores and with the idea of putting the hut in order. (Dr. Edward Atkinson)]

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