September 24, 1912: “Last month of our imprisonment. . .”

–from Raymond Priestley’s account “Antarctic Adventure”–

“The mending of tents was finished, and they were examined for unnoticed holes; the caps of the tent-poles were strengthened, and our wind-cloths and sleeping bags were repatched.  While this was bing done iI bagged up the rest of the provisions–the meat was already finished–and conveyed the bags outside to our depot beyond the drift.  A careful examination of the remaining rations showd that the food had worked out to a nicety.  I had calculated at the beginning of the winter that we would have half-rations of biscuit,cocoa, chocolate, pemmican, and sugar for a month of twenty-eight days; and this proved to be the case, with the exception of a shortage of one day’s ration of chocolate.  In addition to this, we had a certain amount of Oxo, thus allowing us to reserve the pemmican for the evening hoosh and replace it with Oxo and blubber in the morning hoosh.”


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