September 28, 1912: The mules at Cape Evans

–from Frank Debenham’s account “The Quiet Land”–

“28.9.12  In the last fortnight three parties have been away, but more for exercise than otherwise.  Two dog teams went to Hut Pt and stayed for four days, blizzed up.  They found it fairly cold and uncomfortable.

“Abdullah is a big mule, light grey in colour and gladsome in charachter, always ready for a kick up.  He is much disliked by the others.  Goulab is the ‘Christopher’ of the lot, and gives Williamson much trouble.  He is small but perhaps the strongest of all and is fawn-coloured.  The others are Peiyareem, Begum, Khan Sahib, and Ranee, the latter quite a wicked one but well-controlled by Crean.

“These sailors take to horse-management quite as handily as they do to everything else, but it is curious to see some of their methods.  They are generally as keen on a kick up and hooroosh as their mule and Crean tearing over the sastrugi with Raneem yelling and waving his arms is a common sight.”

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