October 5, 1912: Scott’s stranded northern party on the march

–from Raymond Priestley’s account “Antarctic Adventure”–

“. . . . Campbell and I went out to look at the weather, and as this was thicker than ever the tent was pitched.  We then had hoosh and turned in, not at all sorry to be able to give Browning the rest he would obtain from a long night.

“The next day the wind continued and we were confined to our tents, but on the 5th we again made a few miles.  We pulled with a will this day and the next, for we were all longing to reach Relief Inlet, where we could once more obtain sea ice.  The supply we had brought with us from Inexpressible Island had give out some two days before, and our hooshes were very insipid in consequence.

“The surface we had covered on this day, also, was not favourable to quick travelling, for the sastrugi were 2 or 3 feet high, and we frequently had to turn and face our sledges, giving standing pulls in order to surmount the crest of one of these snow-waves.”


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