October 6, 1912: A heat wave at Cape Evans, and plans for the search

–from Tryggve Gran’s account, published as The Norwegian with Scott

“The heat wave we have experienced in the past few days is almost disquieting for these regions.  It has been summery even with the snow-falls–just a few degrees of frost, wet and sloshy everywhere–and the drip, drip of the snow melting from the roof had been almost like civilization.  I am afraid it will end with a hurricane and a blizzard any moment now.  Atkinson and Demitri will set off southwards with provisions.  The dogs will leave in a week for ‘Corner Camp.’

“[The plan was to provide enough provisions to enable two parties, each a unit of four, to ascend the Beardmore Glacier, and two dog teams with a unit of three men to return from some point not as yet settled.  Of the men ascending the glacier, four were to remain at The Cloudmaker and collect geological specimens, photograph, and do survey work.  They would then proceed to the foot of the glacier and continue doing this same work until the return of the others, for all this time they were needed as a support by the advance party.  This advance party, the other unit of four, would ascend to the top of the glacier if it were necessary to go so far. . . . At the time it was believed by most of us that an accident had occurred to the Southern Party. . . and that sickness had nothing to do with the disaster. . . .As there was no food either for dogs, mules, or men in any of the depots, the initial starting weights would have to be very large.  To help as far as possible some small depot journeys would be made in the spring.”–ELA]  (Dr. Edward Atkinson, quoted in Gran’s book)

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