October 9, 1912: “Another gruelling day. . . [for Scott’s Northern Party]

–from Raymond Priestley’s account Antarctic Adventure–

“We have had another gruelling day over a succession of ice-waves from 40 to 50 feet hight, with their broken crests facing the south.  Every now and then one of these ends in a sheer cliff-face, and the valley becomes almost a gorge with one or two, usually one, steep faces.  We have only had to relay once during the day, but after our experience of last night we prospected the descent into the troughs of the waves with Alpine rope before we ventured into them with the sledges, and this has taken up a good deal of time.  The slopes up the barrancas, covered usually with soft snow, have only just been practicable for the teams.  Standing pulls were frequent, and the work was slwo and wearing, so that altogether I should say that we have made only about three miles on our course. “


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