October 10, 1912: Scott’s Northern Party–in sight of home at last!

–from Raymond Priestley’s account Antarctic Adventure

“The next day (October 10th) saw us camped on the sea ice to the south of the Drygalski Ice Tongue, and though we had only covered one-sixth of the distance in miles we felt that we were already halfway home. . . .The glacier had not, indeed proved as difficult as we had feared, but none of us are very anxious to cross it again with heavy sledges.

“The greatest moment of the day, however, came when we surmounted the last rise of the glacier.  From this we could see the sea ice, but none of us paid much attention to it at first, for Dickason declared he could see Mt. Erebus.

“We were 150 miles away from the mountain as the crow flies, but sure enought there he was, the upper third of him showing plainly above the horizon, and surmounted as usual by a long feathery plume of steam.  We felt then that we were really within measurable distance of home and friends.  Right under the shadow of that mighty cone lay the winter quarters of the Polar Party, and there, whether the party were there or not, would be a record that we could read, and which would tell us clearly what had happened to our comrades.  This sight awoke our impatience as nothin else had done, and we turned our attention to the white plain over which was to be our road.”


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