October 12-15, 1912: Scott’s Northern Party slogging it out over the ice-pack

–from Raymond Priestley’s account Antarctic Adventure

“Another day’s slogging away over pack.  We got through the belt and in view of the Nordenskjold ice-wall about five this afternoon.  Until then we were relaying all the time over pack with presure-ridges 8 or 9 feet high, and snowbanks up to 4 feet thick.  It has been hard work and especially so for those who have been wheelers, for it has been a case of giving the sledge the best road and of getting along as best we could ourselves.  It was a wonder that no legs were broken, for the sledge skidded abonimably, but beyond a nasty jar on the kneecap which Dickason received the day was free from casualty.

“As I have already said, however, we had a strong motive to keep us going, and we pulled equally hard whether up to our ankles or up to our necks in snow.  Exaggeration apart, we were frequently floundering for several yards together up to the sockets of our thighs in show, while the latter was hard and cloggy with a stiff crust, and every step was like drawing a tooth.

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