October 20, 1912: The Northern Party gets a seal

–from Raymond Priestley’s account Antarctic Adventure

“It was in this march across the comparatively open space to the north of the Nordenskjold [Glacier tongue] that we killed our first seal, and very glad we were to get it.  The food was disappearing far more quickly per  mile than I had anticipated, and twice I had been obliged to effect a reduction in the ration.  Meanwhile sledging hunger was making itself felt, and no one was satisfied by the meals.  We were again becoming ravenous, and only the cacthing of this seal prevented the food question from once more monopolizing our thoughts.

“However, steady persistence must annihilate any distance in time, and October 20th found the sea ice left behind us once more and the party camped on the ice tongue.  Never were men so glad to leave a landmark behind as we were to get rid of what we had come to describe as “that damned cliff” from in front of us.  . . .Once we had climbed the ice tongue we picked up two new landmarks–Beaufort Island and Mt. Discovery–both reminiscent of better times, and it was a cheerful party that sat over their hoosh that evening.”

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