November 3, 1912: At Corner Camp, but not without a struggle

–from Apsley Cherry-Garrard’s account The Worst Journey in the World

November 3.  Early morning.  14-1/2 miles.  We are here at Corner Camp, but not without a struggle.  We left the Biscuit Depot at 6.30 p.m. yesterday, and it is now 4 a.m.  The last six miles took us four hours, which is very bad going for the dogs, and we have all been running most of the way.  The surface was very bad, crusty and also soft: it was blowing with some low drift, and overcast and snowing.  We followed the drifted-up mule tracks with difficulty and are lucky to have got so far.  The temperature has been a constant zero.

“There is a note here from Wright about the mules, which left here last night.  They only saw two small crevasses on the way, but Khan Sahib got into the tide-crack at the edge of the Barrier, and had to be hauled out with a rope. . . We are all pretty tired.”

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