November 1, 1912: Scott’s Northern Party almost home. . . .

–from Raymond Priestley’s account Antarctic Adventure

“Cape Bernacchi was reached n the afternoon of the 1st of November, and here we found another depot, which contained to our joy a quantity of pemmican, a food which had been absent from the one at Cape Roberts.  By this time butter and biscuit had lost their first charm, and here the chef-d’ouvre of our evening meal was the raw pemmican, the first we had had since February.  Here, again, the only thing we had reason to deplore in the Western Party was their strongly developed taste for cheese and chocolate. . . .

“The change to a biscuit diet had a great effect on all of us, and we were already “swelling visibly”; but of course the man who benefited most by the change of diet was [Frank V.] Browning.  There is little doubt that the depot at Cape Roberts saved his life.”

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