November 11, 1912: Frank Wild’s eastern party sets out to explore Queen Mary Land

–from Frank Wild by Leif Mills–

[“Wild himself was determined that his parties from the western base would do as much as they could.  There was no recognisable ‘goal’ to achieve (certainly as far as his eastern party was concerned) as there had been on the Nimrod expedition but the success of their parties would partly be measured by the amount of unexplored coast line they had travelled and mapped.  The almost incessant wind could not be allowed to hold them up indefinitely.  It was as though, as Wild’s diary makes clear, a constant struggle for them.”]

[from Frank Wild’s diary]  “11 November 1912.  The weather was as bad as ever this morning, and had been worse during the night, but towards noon the wind and drift eased a bit.  At 1.30 pm we got out and dug out the sledges and a pretty big job it was.  I had intended getton on the march but it was nearly 4 pm when we got things clear and there is no sign of a camping ground ahead, nothing but bare ice, so we got everybody ready for a start in the morning, sorted out the depot gear, and repaired the number two tent.”

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