November 11, 1912: The search party nears One Ton Depot from the north

–from Apsley Cherry-Garrard’s account The Worst Journey in the World

“There were the most beautiful cloud-effects as we came along–a deep black to the west, shading into long lines of grey and lemon yellow round the sun, with a vertical shaft through them, and a bright orange horizon.  Now there is a brilliant parhelion.  Given sun, two days here are never alike.  Whatever the monotony of the Barrier may be, there is endless variety in the sky, and I do not believe that anywhere in the world such beautiful colours are to be seen.

“I had a fair panic as we came up to the depot.  I did not see that one body of the ponies had gone head of the others and camped, but ahead of the travelling ponies was the depot, looking very black, and I thought that there was a tent.  It would be too terrible to find that, though one knew that we had done all that we could, if we had done something different we could have saved them [Scott’s polar party that had never come home].”

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