November 12, 1912: “We have found them. . . .it is too bad for words.”

–from Apsley Cherry-Garrard’s account The Worst Journey in the World

“November 12.  Near midday.  11-12 miles south of One Ton.  We have found them–to say it has been a ghastly day cannot express it–it is too bad for words.  The tent was there, about half-a-mile to the west of our course, and close to a dreifte-up cairn of last year.  It was covered with snow and looked just like a cairn, only an extra gathering of snow showing where the ventilator was, and so we found the door.

“Their story I am not going to try and put down.  They got to this point on 21 March, and on the 29th all was over.

“Nor will I try and put down what there was in that tent.  Scott lay in the centre, Bill [Wilson] on his lift, with his head towards the door, and Birdie [Bowers] on his right, lying with his feet towards the door. . . .

“They reached the Pole a month after Amundsen. . . .

“Atkinson gathered everyone together and read to them the account of Oates’ death given in Scott’s diary: Scott expressly states that he wished it known.  His (Scott’s) last words are:  ‘For God’s sake take care of our people.’

“Then Atkinson read the lesson from the Burial Service from Corinthians.”

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