November 16, 1912: The Deutschland makes ready for the open sea

–from Wilhelm Filchner’s account To the Sixth Continent

[Filchner’s ship Deutschland had been beset in the Weddell Sea since March 6, 1912]

“On 14 November Bjorvik drew my attention to the need to move the ship forcibly out of the floe an idea which I had been contemplating and discussing for some time.

“15-26 November 1912.  Until 18 November the wind persisted between southeast and southwest, but then swun predominantly into the west, northeast and northwest from the 22nd to the 25th.  On the 26th the noon temperature even rose to -0.5 and the night-tiome temperature to -1.8 C.  Signs of melton on the ice surface are becoming stgeadily more pronounced.  The ice to the north and east splintered comletely into small fragments on the 16th; leads now extend right to the horizon.

“On the 16th I gave order that the observation hut near the chart house should be dismantled in order to make the ship ready for sea.  On the 18th the depot of emergency provisions and the lumber from the roof of the dog kennels were brought aboard.”

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