November 20, 1912: . . . .Suddenly without any warning. . . .

–from Douglas Mawson’s account The Home of the Blizzard

“Rapid travelling now commenced over a perfectly smooth, gently sloping surface.  Mertz donned is skis and shot ahead.  Our column of dogs and sledges followed quickly in his trail. . . .

“It was all smooth travelling that afternoon and over such a surface we expected to cover a long distance before halting for the day. . . .Suddenly without any warning the leading dogs of my team dropped out of sight, swinging on their harness ropes in a crevasse.  The next moment I realized that the sledges were on a bridge covering a crevasse, twenty-five feet wide, the dogs having broken through on one edge.  We spent some anxious moments before they were all hauled to the daylight and the sledges rested on solid ground.”


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