November 26, 1912: “I never saw anything so gloriously beautiful . . . .”

–from Frank Wild’s sledging journal quoted in Lief Mills’ Frank Wild

“26 November.  3 miles 1050 yards.  Another very hard day, and weather still beautiful  We were going hard amongst pressure and across an open lead this morning for three hours to get half a mile on, and at 1 pm had done just a mile.  I never saw anything so gloriously beautiful in my life as some of the stuff we came through; Fairlyland on a very large scale.  After lunch the country changed entirely; in place of the confused jumble and crush up, huge billows 150 feet from trough to crest, and crevasses in all directions, so that our course was a devious one.  A great many of the crevasses, from 30 to 150 feet wede were open,m and we had to go considerable distances along them before they pinched out, or we found a bridge.

“In several places we lowered the sledges by rope on to sunken bridges and up the other side.  We all had falls into holes, Harrison went 15 feet down one.  I got a nasty pinch through falling through a bridge whilst going down hill, just in front of the sledge, as before I could get out the sledge ran over me and pinned me down.”

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