December 3, 1912: Down a crevasse in Queen Mary Land. . . .

–from Frank Wild’s field diary, quoted in Lief Mills’ Frank Wild

“3 December. Bright morning, so called all hands at 3.40 and though we had a lot of digging out, we were under way at 6 am.  The surface was even worse than we expected, 18 inches of soft snow:  our tracks out were of course entirely obliterated and we had to look for a new course.  Many weak lidded crevasses were found, but no one hurt, thought the falls were frequent.  At 9 am we came to a very bad place, and Harrison, Watson and I roped up to make out a course.

“We had only gone about 100 yards, when I got a very heavy pull on the rope, and looking round found Watson, who was last, had disappeared.  He weighs 200 lbs in his clothes, and the crevasse he was down was 15 feet wide where he was, and narrowed to the top, so that he could bet no hold to help us in hauling him out.  Kennedy saw the accident and came over with the other rope, but it took us nearly twenty minutes to get him up, owing to the ropes cutting throught the bridged.  Watson was not much worse for the fall; rather a nasty buise on the shin being the worst, and the loss of a glove.”


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