December 6, 1912: Diversions during a three day blizzard in Adelie Land

–from Douglas Mawson’s account The Home of the Blizzard

“During the three days that followed a dense blizzard raged, the wind reaching seventy miles per hour.  Snow descended in a deluge and there was nothing to do but lie in our bags and think out plans for the future.  Each morning Ninnis and Mertz took it in turns to go out and feed their charges [the dogs], who were snugly buried in the deep snow.

“One day in the sleeping-bag does not come amiss after long marches, but three days on end is enought to bore anyone thoroughly.

“Ninnis was not so badly off with a volume of Thackeray, but already, long ago, Mertz had come to the end of his particular literary diversion, a small edition of “Sherlock Holmes,” and he contented himself with reciting passages from memory for our mutual benefit.  It should be added that the very strict regulations limitin the weights allowable on sledging journeys reduce such luxuries as reading mater to the most meatre proportions.”

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